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Joining Visalia County Center Rotary

Why Join Rotary

Rotarians are often asked why they joined Rotary International and their are variety of different reasons. Friendship, Business Development, Personal Growth and Development, Citizenship in the Community, Continuing Education, to have Fun, Public Speaking Skills, Citizenship in the World, Assistance when Traveling, Entertainment, The Development of Social Skills, Family Program, Vocational Skills, The Development of Ethics, Cultural Awareness, Prestige, Nice People, The Opportunity to Serve and so many more. What are you waiting for Join Us now at our next club meeting we would love to see you there. 

Why Join Visalia County Center Rotary

If you want the most out of your Rotary Membership why not pick the club that's doing the most. County Center Rotary has been award by Rotary Club of the year multiple time and we are proud to say that this last year we raised approximately $80,000 to distribute back into our Local community and throughout the World. We offer great business mentorship in our club so if you are a new business owner or have a few questions our great Rotary mentors are here to help. Visalia County Center Rotary understands you and your business are very busy so we find different ways to keep our club members engaged. We have club social events. Make up meetings after 5pm. We have a Community Service Project every month you and your family can partake in.  At Visalia County Center Rotary you become part of our Rotary Family. 

Visalia County Center Rotary Corporate Membership 

County Center Rotary understands as business owners you may not have the time or ability to come to every club meeting, but you do understand the value of having your great employees getting introduced to wonderful and influential people within our community. Visalia County Center Rotary has a number of community leaders and business owners that you may benefit from sitting next to. Take advantage of this great networking opportunity as well as a great way to give back to your Local Community and the World. Please join us at our next meeting.  

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